July 29, 2014

Success stories of the Eye to Eye Portfolio Reviews

Eye to Eye Portfolio Reviews

Eye to Eye Portfolio Reviews

Each year the Medium Festival brings together a diverse group of curators, gallery owners, and photo editors to meet with emerging and established photographers from across the country and around the world. Gearing up for the third edition of our Eye to Eye Portfolio Reviews is a good time to reflect on the successes we’ve seen with photographers from across the country.

Among the most recent success stories from Medium is Brenda Biondo, who’s work is currently featured as part of the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) “Help MOPA Buy This Print” program, which draws new acquisitions into its permanent collection through public and private donations.

MOPA recently acquired one of David Emitt Adams’s unique tintypes from his series Conversations with History, through this same program (thanks to Medium’s portfolio reviews). Additionally, Adams received a solo exhibition of the same work at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Last year we invited Adams to present our 2013 Second Sight Lecture, where he was able to connect with Abelardo Morell, who had become a fan of his work after seeing his talk.

Our 2014 Second Sight Lecturer, Kurt Simonson, has also garnered some great exposure for his series I Love You, Man, when a piece was chosen to be shown alongside master works from the permanent collection of the San Diego Museum of Art in 2013. We’re beyond excited to welcome him back for a third year, this time as a lecturer.

These artists represent a growing number of photographers who have had transformative experiences at Medium. The Eye to Eye Portfolio Reviews have helped countless photographers expand the audience for their work, gaining access to museum exhibitions and collections, as well as critical exposure through publications such as LENSCRATCHBlack & White magazine (UK)The New York Times LensblogFraction Magazine, and more! We’ve been instrumental in connecting photographers with curators, gallery owners, and editors, and helped nurture relationships that started thanks to the connections made at Medium. Many of our attendees and reviewers have written to tell us why Medium is unique among photography festivals, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to lauch our 2014 edition!

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