Wayne Martin Belger

Sunday, Oct. 23, 1:30-2:30pm

Wayne Martin Belger believes we have lost a connection to the subjects we want to learn about and photograph, owing largely to the digital age with instant processes and immediate gratification. Rather than losing this essential connection, the artist works to connect his photographs with his subjects in provocative ways.


When Belger begins a project he starts by studying and learning about the subject he wants to photograph. He then builds a camera that relates to, and is a part of his subject. The entire process can take years to complete but gives Belger a truer understanding and an eternal connection to his subject. The artist’s latest project, Us & Them took him to the Syrian refugee camps in Greece to live with and document the important humanitarian situation that continues to unfold today. We welcome Wayne Martin Belger to Medium 2016 for a moving and inspiring lecture about this important project and deeply personal work.

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