Collecting Contemporary Photography


Collecting Contemporary Photography

Sunday, Oct. 23, 9:30-10:30am

Join us for an informative panel discussion exploring the nuances of the fine art photography art market. Geared for collectors and photographers alike, this roundtable discussion brings together three voices from distinct perspectives across the scope of contemporary photography. The panelists include Monique Deschaines (Director of EUQINOMprojects in San Francisco), Steve Reinstein (private collector and member of the Photographic Arts Council in Los Angeles), and scott b. davis (fine art photographer and founder of the Medium Festival of Photography).


The discussion will explore how and why photographers, galleries, and collectors exist as three essential components to a functional arts ecosystem. As part of an informative conversation, we’ll share how some notable collections have been built around specific interests, how galleries function as a crucial liaison between artists and collectors (i.e. the artist/gallery relationship), and how artists can position themselves to better navigate the terrain of building relationships with collectors and galleries.

Festival Passes available inside the Lafayette hotel beginning Friday, Oct. 21.