July 14, 2015

Mysteries of the California coast





I first met Rachel Phillips in a fog shrouded patch of the California coast. Ironically, her work had been on view at a San Francisco gallery I visited that day, and specifically drew my attention for its  combination of 19th century artifacts (cabinet cards) and a uniquely 21st century sensibility. Seeing photo transfers overlaid on top of the vintage albumen prints was eye opening. And amazing! Little did I know we’d meet hours later, building a creative friendship that has sparked much thought and good conversation over the years.


What was unexpected is that Madge Cameron was also making an introduction that day. Madge… Rachel… Frances… there’s a complex layering in both the artist and her work. This fall we’ll be bringing Rachel and her cadre of characters to Medium, giving center stage for her to expand on these ideas and share what drives the creation of this awesome work!


Photographs like these stand alone, marked in a viewers mind for their physical presence and a wealth of creativity. Weaving history, photographic objects and an inventive spirit, Rachel Phillips delivers inspiration and enchantment with a wealth of wonderful images to view. A short trip down the California coast will bring her to San Diego this October, mysteries and all.


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