John Divola

Untitled (Escondido, CA) 2016

Keynote Lecture with John Divola

Friday, Oct. 19, 7:00pm

Medium is proud to welcome John Divola as the 7th annual Keynote Lecturer at Medium for 2018. Known for his extensive publications in photography (over 20 photobooks to his name), John Gossage uses the camera as a storyteller and a poet, making images that explore unseen pockets of the urban environment. He is renowned by academics for pioneering a sophisticated visual vocabulary, challenging previously held assumptions about the role of photography as contemporary art. The artist’s photographs function as elements of a larger stories, creating narratives and drawing our attention to obscure histories, told through exquisitely crafted prints.

These photographs are the product of my involvement with an evolving situation. The house evolving in a primarily linear way toward it’s ultimate disintegration, the ocean and light evolving and changing in a cyclical and regenerative manner. My acts, my painting, my photographing, my considering, are part of, not separate from, this process of evolution and change. These photographs are not so much about this process as they are remnants from it. My participation was not so much one of intellectual consideration as one of visceral involvement.

Supporters of Group f/16 are invited to a private dinner with the artist and our Second Sight Lecutrer Robert Calafiore. To learn more about Group f/16 visit our support page.