May 13, 2015

Eric William Carroll


We’re excited to roll out the 2015 line up of Present Tense Lecturers. To date we’ve announced the Keynote Lecture with Jim Goldberg and our 2015 Second Sight Lecture with Ellen Garvens. We’re pleased to announce our next guest lecturer Eric William Carroll. Carroll is an artist who’s taken an innovative approach to photography by making work that references, questions and represents the state of the medium today. His installations are made up of encompassing displays of photographs immersing viewers in physical, large scale, provocative works that re-interpret photography in exciting ways. Carroll’s 2012 exhibition at SFCamerawork recreated a full scale darkroom inside the gallery, complete with the light tight revolving door. The work, titled This Darkroom’s Gone to Heaven, consists of floor to ceiling photograms of a life sized darkroom, themselves born of a fully functioning physical darkroom. The experience offers an elegy to chemical processes by suggesting the loss of these familiar spaces that were in widespread use for over 100 years. It invites us to consider the changing technology by showing the ghostly remains of a darkroom itself, suggesting our own memories of working in these spaces.

Recently, Carroll’s series Punctum was displayed at San Diego’s Museum of Photographic Arts. Consisting of tens of thousands of 4×6″ prints organized into categories and impaled onto towering metal spikes. Each spike contained individual photographs separated out into themes of Portraits, Landscapes, leisure, etc. This work measured the presence of traditional photographic genres in physical form, allowing us to see the quantity of similar photographs produced all over the world. His work is also included in the current exhibition Nature of Nature on view at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, made up of large scale cyanotypes paired with photogravures by Karl Blossfeldt.

We’re excited to bring Eric William Carroll to San Diego this fall, and taking an opportunity to hear more about his provocative work in person. Eric worked as a studio assistant to Jim Goldberg in San Francisco for many years, offering a nice connection between two our 2015 guest lecturers. Registration opens June 1… we hope to see you there!

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