Claudia Kunin


Claudia Kunin: In Pursuit of Ghosts

Saturday, Oct. 28, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Having lived a life colored by a fascination for ghosts, Claudia Kunin’s work has been sewn together by the thread of making the tenuously unseen, tangibly perceivable. Be it photographs of ghosts, mythological figures, a depiction of an elusive family history that precedes one’s birth—the hidden depths of persona disguised by disability, or the subconscious mind that travels through that ineluctable borderland between life and death, Kunin makes the invisible visible. Utilizing different methods of presentation to create a haunting milieu, Miss Kunin’s lecture “In Pursuit of Ghosts” surveys her artistic journey through the third dimension, culminating by animating her 3-D photographic montages to create short yet compelling films.

Registration for the 2017 Festival is open at the Lafayette Hotel Oct. 26.